RFID enabled applications have significant benefits over applications based on barcodes, but the technology also introduces a number of new business risks. For example, a thief might modify or clone RFID tags at the point of sale to trick an automated checkout system (cyber shop lifting). Attackers might use specifically prepared tags to attempt injecting viruses or other Malware into backend systems to exploit existing software vulnerabilities and as a result disrupt business continuity. Electronic passports or other RFID based ID cards may be tampered with to gain illegal access.

With on-tag security being difficult to implement and too expensive for low-cost applications we have to look for off-tag security solutions to defeat the main business risks in RFID: Counterfeiting and attacks against the back-end connected to the edge of the network. We meet these requirements with our NeoCatena Security System comprising of RF-Audit, RF-Wall, and RF-Manager.

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