Six Reasons to use RF-Wall

Smooth Upgrade Process

  • The solution is completely transparent to an existing RFID application - no different tags are required, no costly reader or software upgrades are necessary. RF-Wall integrates seamlessly into existing RFID applications. As a result no disruption of established business processes takes place when installing multiple RF-Wall units in the field: The installation can be done over time, for example when the system is down for regular servicing.

Works with any RFID Technology

  • In fact, RF-Wall is a solution agnostic to the underlying RFID technology and works with most common RFID readers and tag types out-of-the-box. To support less popular or new reader and tag technology, new driver software can be developed rapidly by our engineering team and integrated into RF-Wall's modular architecture as required.

Strong Encryption for Low-Cost Tags

  • The security of RF-Wall does not rely on crypto tags! While RF-Wall does work well with tags featuring encryption, such as NXP Mifare tags, RF-Wall actually promotes the use of low-cost RFID tags featuring no encryption. Data confidentiality, integrity and authenticity - the corner stones of data security do not take place inside the tag where computational resources and entropy are limited. Instead RF-Wall provides encryption and digital signature functionality at one central location where the necessary computational power is readily available. For this purpose RF-Wall employs proven strong encryption standards including 3DES, AES, HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA256 etc.

Long-term Business Continuity

  • If a RFID application relies on the security of a specific crypto tag alone costly hardware and software upgrades are necessary if the security of that tag is broken. The same is true if the vendor decides to discontinue that specific line of tags. A solution based on RF-Wall is immune to these kinds of business continuity risks. RF-Wall is actually designed to have its security policy updated from time to time to be ready to counter the latest threats.

Secure Key Storage

  • RF-Wall provides secure key storage with its integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or Hardware Security Module (HSM). The burden of key management is not left to the customer as is the case with most solutions based on crypto tags. Worse yet, most crypto tags store secret keys directly on the tag inside a secure memory area which is often vulnerable to attack and unauthorized key extraction. RF-Wall stores secret keys internally - the tag never gets to see or store the key.

Auditing, Compliance, Risk Management

  • RF-Wall does more than just preventing cloning, counterfeiting and tampering with RFID tag data: Its auditing and escalation capabilities allow RF-Wall to take note of attempted attacks and suspicious activity. RF-Wall can then act by instantly alerting the appropriate people to take immediate action, for example by sending an email or opening a popup message on the screen. In addition log trails can later be analyzed as part of a comprehensive auditing to get a sense for the security of the RFID network as a whole. In summary RF-Wall integrates well into existing risk management processes and assists complying with governing law and industry regulations.