Professional Services and Consulting

As part of NeoCatena Networks commitment to a holistic approach to RFID security we offer some value adding services to compliment our NeoCatena Security System solution.

Threat Modeling

NeoCatena Security experts will perform an end-to-end analysis of your existing RFID application infrastructure and, through systems analysis, personnel interviews, and policy/process measurement, will develop a security assessment that shows existing threats, risks, failure points, and makes recommendations for hardening the systems and processes through industry leading practices and the NeoCatena Security System line of products. This assessment can be used by you as an independent security reference tool, or as part of a total NeoCatena Networks solution.

Professional Services

NCN Security experts can be engaged to assess the requirements unique to you specific business or government RFID application and work with you to build a custom designed solution that can be used as an extension to the existing NeoCatena Security System line of products or as a value adding resource for your own solution implementation.

For more information on either of these value adding services, please contact and we will arrange a time to learn more about your specific requirements.


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