NeoCatena Security System

Today more than ever we live and work in a world that must have satisfactory levels of security in place to ensure we can enjoy our lives and pursue our business goals with minimal disruption. All of our technology evolutions bring value and risk, and at NeoCatena we've made it our goal to ensure that your organization can enjoy the benefits of RFID technology without putting your business at risk.

We want to partner with you to give you the tools to accomplish three main goals. The first is empowering you to secure your RFID network, back-end systems, and products. The second is to give you visibility into the status of your RFID network, and be able to mitigate threats before they cause damage, and the third is to give you the assurance to know that your business continuity and critical systems are as a secure as they can be from the risks inherent to RFID technology. We are committed to your success with RFID, and it's through our NeoCatena Security System that we strive to give you peace of mind that the value you enjoy today from RFID will continue to benefit your business without disruption from preventable risks.

Security, Visibility, Assurance

Enjoy The Value of RFID

We know that RFID is revolutionizing the way business is done. We've experienced first hand in the market the great value RFID delivers to businesses across many different verticals, and we're committed to ensuring your organization can enjoy them to the fullest through the NeoCatena Security System.

RFID adoption is limited only by your imagination to use it. With advances in engineering driving down the total cost of RFID applications, its use has become widespread across a large number of industries: from Legal, Retail, Packaging and Agriculture to Biotech, Aerospace and Government there has been widespread adoption. Some examples include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies are using RFID to monitor for and protect against drug counterfeiting, theft and chain-of-custody records.
  • Healthcare organizations are using RFID to track patients, better control medications, track valuable medical assets, and even monitor waste management processes.
  • Transit Authorities and Event Management companies are using RFID for ticketing and access control, such as commuter trains and the 2008 Olympic Games.
  • Manufacturing organizations are using RFID to build more effective supply chains, reduce costs, improve quality, track assets, record production and maintenance information, and even record data on industrial laundry.
  • Retailers are using RFID to gain greater visibility into their distribution operations, reduce out-of-stocks, and increase supply chain efficiency.
  • Airports are using RFID to better manage our baggage as we travel.
  • Government and private business are using RFID for Access Control and Securing Assets.
  • Many organizations use RFID for track and trace of high value paper documents.
  • And many more...

Whatever your business goals, there are new and innovative RFID applications coming online everyday. For adoption of this powerful technology to continue organizations must mitigate existing risks through effective security. It's our goal to be your partner in building that security to ensure you continue to enjoy these benefits, both today and tomorrow.

We understand the Risks inherent to RFID

Using our background in RFID Security, research from our security lab, and experience working with companies like yours, we're passionate about finding new and innovative ways to enable your business to improve. We partner with you to avoid preventable threats such as:

  • Exposing your Enterprise Information Systems to unauthorized manipulation of business data.
  • Disruption of business continuity as a result of hacked systems. For example, a Denial-of-Service (DOS) attack could shut down critical components in your supply chain or at the Point of Sale resulting in revenue losses.
  • Placing your customers at risk, for example if you cannot identify counterfeit products using cloned RFID tags. This can be a life-threatening risk if you are a pharmaceutical company.
  • Losing business to competitors due to exploited security weaknesses and business disruption.
  • Loss of valuable intellectual property to hackers and thieves, or sabotage of critical operational systems.
  • Damage to your Brand Identity - the market can lose faith in trusted brands at the news of even minor security compromises.
  • Being held liable for not complying with industry rules and regulations and governing law. For example, the FDA mandates the implementation of an electronic pedigree system for the pharmaceutical supply chain to be implemented by January 2011.
  • Allowing hackers to use your systems as building blocks in composite attacks.
  • And many more...

Components of the NeoCatena Security System

The first step to improving any system is to understand it. We take a holistic approach to your security and begin with a comprehensive assessment of your RFID infrastructure. In the initial phase we work with you to understand the business motivations for your RFID application adoption and be clear on the goals of the application. Based on solid understanding of your application goals we consider the current state of the system and measure its level of effectiveness. NeoCatena employs comprehensive threat modeling processes as part of our system analysis practices. With your goals firmly in mind, and your current risks carefully measured, we prepare a comprehensive recommendation on the most effective way to secure your RFID infrastructure using the NeoCatena Security System, and the best way to implement it within your current architecture and processes, and how to maintain it as your business develops.

The NeoCatena Security System is comprised of the following components:

  • RF Audit - The key to RFID Network Visibility.
  • RF Wall - The key to RFID Network Security.
  • RF Manager - The key to RFID Network Assurance.

NeoCatena Security System Architecture

Each component in the system works with the others to create a synergistic solution that focuses on the three key elements of our solution: Security, Visibility, and Assurance.

NeoCatena Security System

NeoCatena Security System Architecture


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