RF-Audit empowers the user with visibility into the flow of RFID data through their systems. From this powerful business intelligence tools the user can ensure maximum operational efficiencies across the enterprise RFID network. RF-Audit provides real-time analysis and correlation of network traffic to detect and mitigate threats, identify underperforming policies, identify and model RFID tag and threat patterns, measure network utilization, security analysis, and correlation reporting. Its early warning system alerts the right people to problems before they spread and allows for pinpoint intervention to problem domains. Results can be presented inside an executive dashboard at a high level or drilled down to an audit report for detailed analysis or integrated into existing monitoring portals. Graphic visualizations of incident occurrences help localizing threats in a complex environment, as well as charts detailing incidents over time, by location, attack type and other parameters. From a governance point of view, RF-Audit provides an instant early detection system for business risks in RFID enabled applications, as required by the Sarbanes Oxley Act and similar legislation.



  • Overview of network health
  • Macro and micro visibility of RFID events
  • Rapid response and recovery from system failure
  • Analyze and measure RFID event data to assure quality
  • Proof of compliance - document audit trail


  • Multi level security measurement and reporting
  • Global RFID network event visibility
  • Preventative threat escalation
  • Historical analysis and correlation
  • Tamper-proof PDF reporting / documentation
  • Trace suspicious tags through the RFID network
NeoCatena Security System

RF-Audit Performing System Wide RFID Event Analysis

Technical Specifications

Dashboard Features  
RFID security threat news ticker
Custom location map featuring global threat level visualization
Threat meter correlating threat level across entire RFID network
Reporting Features  
Library of predefined reports
Custom reports
Parameterized by location, RF-Wall unit, threat type, tag ID etc.
Correlation of multiple data sources (RF-Wall units)
Visualization as bar chart, incident-time diagram or tag-trace diagram
Export tamper-proof PDF documents
Export CSV files
Operating System  
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Linux desktop environment (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0, Cent OS 5.0)
Java JRE version 6 or higher
Disk Space  
50 MB
100 MB


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