Microsoft BizTalk RFID with NeoCatena RF-Wall

Microsoft BizTalk RFID

BizTalk RFID is Microsoft's standard device management and event processing platform for the edge of the network. Its latest version, BizTalk Server 2006 R2, functions as a stable and reliable platform for rapid RFID application development eliminating many barriers common to proprietary non-standard alternatives. BizTalk succeeds in hiding all the complexity of discovering, communicating with and managing RFID devices by providing a plug-and-play framework: Device drivers are available for a large number of standard RFID readers which can be hooked up to the BizTalk environment at the click of a button. Tag data streams can be directed to the integrated SQL Server database without writing a single line of code.

NeoCatena Provides Security Layer for BizTalk RFID

However, BizTalk RFID is lacking security features: There is no turn-key solution for data security or integrity for RFID tag data. Hence, it is impossible to spot counterfeit tags or tag data that has been tampered with. Also BizTalk is lacking sophisticated filtering capabilities to block RFID tags not conforming to your security policy (e.g. tags containing suspicious data or blacklisted tag IDs).

Microsoft BizTalk RFID with RF-Wall Security

This gap in functionality is filled seamlessly by NeoCatena's Security System. With RF-Wall NeoCatena provides a dedicated layer of security for Microsoft BizTalk RFID creating a bullet proof platform for rapid development and deployment of RFID applications for any purpose.

Benefits of RF-Wall for BizTalk RFID

BizTalk RFID BizTalk RFID + RF-Wall
Plug-and-play connectors for most UHF readers Yes Yes
Rapid development and deployment of high-quality custom RFID applications Yes Yes
Long-term maintainable solution based on standard components and protocols Yes Yes
Strong product authentication and anti-counterfeiting out-of-the-box No Yes
Customizable and standards-based data security for low-cost tags No Yes
Countinous auditing of RFID network (comply with corporate policy / governing law) No Yes
RFID threat detection and escalation (rapid response and recovery from system failure) No Yes

Complete RFID Solutions from NeoCatena

While NeoCatena specializes in security solutions for RFID we also offer services as system integrator. With our broad knowledge in RFID, security and system design our dedicated team will work with you to understand your requirements and engineer a system tailored to your needs. We design and implement complete solutions for RFID applications such as track-and-trace, inventory and supply chain management. In doing so we assist you in picking the best available technology for tags, readers and middleware. Building on the Microsoft BizTalk RFID technology stack allows us to focus on the essentials (business logic, custom user interface etc.) while at the same time delivering a solution meeting the highest standards in the shortest amount of time possible.