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Top Attacks
Please let us know if you are experiencing any of the following type of attacks today or are fearing to see them in the near future.
1. Unauthorized reading of tag ID and / or sensitive data stored on the tag  experiencing today
 expecting in near future
 not sure
2. Cloning (e.g. counterfeits featuring exact copies of genuine RFID tag)  experiencing today
 expecting in near future
 not sure
3. Unauthorized use of kill password disableing tags that should remain active for the application to function properly  experiencing today
 expecting in near future
 not sure
4. "Friendly" tag data manipulation (e.g. to extend expiration date of a product, change price tag, obtain a master key for a restricted area etc.)  experiencing today
 expecting in near future
 not sure
5. "Hostile" tag data manipulations (e.g. to break into or disable backend databases your RFID infrastructure is connected to)  experiencing today
 expecting in near future
 not sure
6. Other:
RFID Application
Which RFID technology are you using (UHF, HF, LF, other)?
What types of tags are you using?
What readers are you using?
What middleware / edge server technology are you using?
How many readers do you have in the field?
How many tags are you processing on average per day?
Briefly describe RFID application here.
RFID Risk Factors
Have you been victim to cloning or similar type of attack resulting in revenue loss, brand damage etc.?  yes no not sure
Are the tags you are using featuring some form of encryption to protect data against unauthorized reading and tampering?  yes no not sure
Are you using tags known to be vulnerable to attack, such as cloning, unauthorized reading, data modification (e.g. Mifare classic or tags with no level of protection)?  yes no not sure
Does your application store data on the tag (or just relies on the tag ID)?  yes no not sure
Have you ever performed a threat modeling or risk analysis to find out if your RFID application is vulnerable to attack and what the business impact would be?  yes no not sure
Describe security problems with current RFID application here.
Business Background
Briefly explain the business drivers for your RFID application.
Describe what you believe would be the business impact of your RFID application being compromised.
Do you plan to extend the use of RFID technology for your business, and if so in what ways?
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