1. Who are NeoCatena?

NeoCatena Networks supplies security solutions designed to minimize business risks inherent to RFID technology and secure RFID applications across industries. The company was founded in 2006 by leading IT security experts with a vision to delivering products and services that address critical RFID security risks including attack, fraud, error and data leak. NeoCatena's technology is based on patent pending intellectual property that is the key to any solution aimed at managing business risks inherent to RFID technology.

2. What is our approach?

At NeoCatena we take a holistic approach to RFID security, and believe the first step to reaching a truly effective solution is to first understand the business motivations for your RFID application adoption. With a clear understanding of the business drivers we can begin to analyze the most effective method of securing your system.

Using our understanding of your application goals we can consider the current state of the system and measure its level of effectiveness. NeoCatena employs comprehensive threat modeling processes as part of our system analysis practices. This involves understanding and assessing your RFID application business processes, system management and physical infrastructure to determine the current threats your business has been exposed to through the RFID application and its associated operations. With a clear model of the risks you face we can begin to design a solution with two main goals: to remove the barriers to enjoying the full benefits of RFID and to secure the business so you can focus on reaching your goals.

With your goals firmly in mind, and your current risks carefully measured, we will prepare a comprehensive recommendation on the most effective way to secure your RFID infrastructure using NeoCatena’s world class appliance, and the best way to implement it within your current systems and processes, and how to maintain it as your business develops.

3. What is NeoCatena about?

The essence of NeoCatena is security. Our company was built around the industry leading experience of its Co-Founder and CTO, Lukas Grunwald, who has designed security solutions for Global Enterprise and Government for over 15 years. With the addition of a best in class management team NeoCatena is well positioned to deliver world class RFID application security solutions. The diversity of our experience and associations world-wide drives us to continue to expand our knowledge through cutting edge research and development of security solutions and their application to RFID systems.

4. What are some of the business benefits of RFID adoption?

RFID adoption is limited only by the imagination, as advances in engineering and manufacturing continue to drive down the total investment associated with RFID applications, its use has become ubiquitous across a large number of industries and applications, everything from Legal, Retail, Packaging and Agriculture to Biotech, Aerospace and Government have seen widespread adoption and applications. Some examples include:

  • Pharmaceutical business use RFID to monitor for and protect against drug counterfeiting and theft.
  • Healthcare organizations are using RFID to track patients, better control medications, and track valuable medical assets.
  • Manufacturing uses RFID to build more effective supply chains, reduce costs, improve quality and track assets.
  • Retailers are using RFID to gain greater visibility into their distribution operations, reduce out-of-stocks, supply chain efficiency and promotional projects.

Whatever your business goals, there are new and innovative RFID applications coming online everyday. For adoption of this powerful technology to continue organizations must mitigate their existing application risks through the proper security measures.

5. Is your RFID infrastructure business critical?

RFID is at the edge of your network, but many RFID applications are operating at the heart of your business. From basic compliance-driven needs to mission critical enrollments where failure is not an option, NeoCatena can provide a security framework for your RFID infrastructure reducing the impact of many different business risks, as well as acting as an early warning system for emerging threats.

6. Why think about security when designing a RFID solution?

A RFID solution is more than just reader and tag: Typically, your RFID infrastructure is an integral part of a larger IT system and should be seen in this context. Not taking security into consideration when designing a RFID solution can have serious consequences for your business.

  • You may experience a disruption of business continuity as a result of a technical failure. For example, a Denial-of-Service attack could shut down critical components in your supply chain or at the Point of Sale resulting in revenue losses.
  • Your customers may be at risk, for example if you cannot identify counterfeit products using cloned RFID tags. This can be a life-threatening risk if you are a pharmaceutical company and you have to combat counterfeit drugs. As a result customer safety is at risk and your brand is being damaged.
  • You may be held liable for not complying with industry rules and regulations and governing law. For example, the FDA mandates the implementation of a pedigree system for the pharmaceutical supply chain to be implemented by January 2010.

7. How does NeoCatena address RFID security issues?

NeoCatena provides products and solutions to significantly reduce these security risks. Our core product, RF-Wall, is an in-band RFID security system that integrates seamlessly into existing RFID infrastructures. RF-Wall provides a library of standard threats detection modules and policies based on our research and penetration testing results from our lab. These modules are activated based on individual threat analysis for different vertical markets including pharmaceutical, supply chain, access control, ticketing, baggage and asset tracking. In addition we have the ability to develop further threat detection modules based on individual customer requirements. RF-Wall operates like a firewall for RFID by analyzing tag data protecting your back-ends from potential threats, logging and escalating all relevant RFID events. In addition, NeoCatena provides a central management system (RF-Manager) and a global auditing solution (RF-Audit) to manage and monitor RF-Wall installations in the field.

8. RFID is all about data, but malware and viruses are code. Is there any security risk at all?

In fact, there is no difference between data and code. Most successful attacks against computer systems work by fooling the system into interpreting data as executable code. SQL injections are among the most prominent examples of this type of attack. It is easy to write SQL code snippets and inject them into RFID tag data. This can have potentially catastrophic effects on your backend databases if there is no safeguard against this type of attack. If you would like to learn more about this, please download our technology white paper.

9. What about RFID tags with data encryption?

There are a number of RFID tags featuring data encryption available in the market place. These tags are usually either too expensive to be used in large quantities or the encryption algorithms in use are proprietary and weak due to the physical limitations of low-cost RFID chips. To fill this gap, NeoCatena offers solutions for RFID data integrity and confidentiality moving the challenging task of encrypting and decrypting data on the tag to the RF-Wall appliance where state-of-the-art strong encryption is readily available. RF-Wall can either digitally sign unencrypted tag data or encrypt all RFID user data providing reliable data confidentiality on low-cost RFID chips.

10. Why NeoCatena?

There are many compelling reasons for securing your businesses RFID applications, whether you are motivated by compliance, quality improvement, risk mitigation, liability reduction, process improvement, asset protection, customer focus, or intellectual property protection, NeoCatena is ready to deliver a world class solution that meets your needs.

Let our experience, passion and solutions in RFID security become your confidence as we work to ensure you have the security in place to meet your objectives, whatever your focus may be. Please feel free to contact us at info@neocatena.com with questions about securing your goals. We look forward to working with you soon.


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