Case Studies

NeoCatena secures high value items from counterfeiting - the medical device industry and aviation maintenance are good examples.

Medical device companies typically install high cost equipment at hospitals used to conduct patient surgeries or other medical services. Such equipment relies on disposable devices (or probes) to carry out surgeries or other patient procedures and typically these probes are used only once and then discarded. Medical device companies supply probes to hospitals as a recurring source of revenue. We have data and facts showing that these probes have been faked and supplied to hospitals leading to revenue damage and to huge liability issues for medical device companies. Can you imagine the risk a patient is exposed to when a fake probe has been used for surgery? NeoCatena's solution secures these probes against counterfeiting.

A similar situation unfolds in the aviation maintenance business. Not long ago Business Week has published a long article about fake airplane parts being sold and installed at military airplanes. The same problem is subject to happen in commercial aviation - we also have a solution for this problem.

Read our case studies to learn more.

Medical Device Industry - Protecting High Value Disposables from Counterfeiting

Aviation Industry - Servicing Critical Airplane Parts

Pharamaceutical Industry - Decentralized Electronic Pedigree


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